frequently asked questions

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What does AB stands for?

It stands for the name of the owner Mr. Ali Beyat.

What kind of services does AB Express offers?

AB Express provides different range of services. Click here to see our services.

Does AB Express offer border clearance service?

Yes, AB Express offers border clearance for all GCC countries.

Does AB Express offer storage/warehousing?

Yes, we have our own warehouses in UAE and KSA.

Can the service be paid at the destination?

Currently, we work on prepaid basis and for account customers. Please contact our sales team for payment options at

What are the working hours for customer service?

Customer Service office hours are from Saturday to Thursday from 8 am to 6 pm Dubai time.

Do I have the option of insurance cover for my consignment?

Yes, the account customer can instruct AB Express to obtain insurance for their consignment.