A company without borders.

We truly transcend borders, in more ways than one. Ever since our inception in 2003, we have been constantly pushing at the boundaries of excellence in order to surpass all client expectations. We believe in making the extraordinary the norm in all we do.

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Today, we are known to offer best-in-class customs clearance and logistics services in the region, at affordable rates. And we back it all up with in-depth knowledge and experience with a staff of over 50 highly-trained and committed professionals. But our push for more has opened up other avenues for us. AB Express can also offer clients with professional land transportation solutions; in fact, we handle about 35,000 loads per year to different destinations in MENA! And we also operate a state-of-the-art warehousing facility in DBRZ. We work together with our sister company Allied Transport, one of the best transport companies in Dubai to provide diverse range of transportation services.

We extend our services to clients across the MENA region through our Group Companies in the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which makes us a company not limited by borders. So it’s hardly surprising that some of the biggest corporates such as Nestle NDM, Danzas and Reckkitt Benckiser trust only us with their cargo.